Contents Insurance

Don’t leave yourself uninsured and potentially in the dog house - Count on Churchill for your home contents insurance!

Churchill contents insurance covers the items in your home that aren’t covered as part of a typical buildings insurance policy. We can cover your household goods (including non-permanent fittings such as carpets), personal belongings in the house or outbuildings (including garages and sheds) and money in the home.

We can also cover contents temporarily moved to another home, replacement locks if your keys are stolen, items kept in the garden, the contents of your freezer and the cost of alternative accommodation whilst insured repairs are carried out.

Valuables (items such as jewellery, watches, furs, items or sets or collections of gold, silver or other precious metals, works of art, sets of stamps, coins and medals) can be covered up to a total value 30% of  your Contents sum insured.

Churchill contents insurance could be ideal for those in properties where the buildings cover is arranged separately.

What's covered as standard Maximum value
Contents cover £50,000
Contents lost and damaged while moving home £50,000
Alternative accommodation for you and your pets £15,000
Public liability £2,000,000
Business equipment £5,000
Contents temporarily taken out of the home (eg. to student accommodation) £5,000
Theft from outbuildings £2,500
Valuables not listed separately on your policy 30% of your contents sum insured
Loss of oil or metered water Up to the contents sum insured
Replacement locks if your keys are stolen Reasonable cost
Food in your freezer Unlimited
Money in your home £500
Home insurance policy
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Home insurance policy summary
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