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Our pick of helpful landlord insurance questions

Yes we do insure unoccupied properties in certain circumstances. We don’t look to provide long term cover for unoccupied properties but we understand they may be unoccupied because:

  • you’ve just bought the property
  • are in between tenants
  • are redecorating and/or refurbishing the property

We’ll need to understand your specific circumstances to confirm whether we’ll be able to offer you cover. Any cover provided would be subject to the property being occupied within 60 days of unoccupancy.

If you want to insure an unoccupied property, and you meet the three requirements below, please call us on 0345 878 8194 .

  • The property is for rental and not personal occupation
  • You have a letting agent in place
  • Any improvement works undertaken are decoration only, rather than major renovation works

If you select our Buildings cover, you’ll automatically get Equipment Breakdown cover. This pays to repair or replace your boiler, irrespective of its age, if it breaks down, but excludes wear and tear.

To make a claim, you need to arrange for a boiler engineer to visit your property and assess the boiler. They need to submit their report to us, so we can assess whether the claim is covered. If it is, we’ll reimburse you for the repair/replacement costs, including parts, labour and call out charges, less the £200 excess.

This cover is not a maintenance contract ‐ it doesn’t cover servicing or Gas Safety Certificates (CP12).

This provides cover against your legal liability for death or bodily injury (other than to an employee) and / or loss or damage to third party property arising out of the operation of your business.

No, we don’t currently cover holiday lets.

No, we don’t currently cover properties where all of the tenants are unemployed and claiming benefits.

If the tenant(s) are claiming disability benefits we might be able to offer you cover.

We can offer cover if at least one tenant in the property, who has signed the rental agreement with you is employed, retired, in full-time education or on disability benefits (subject to you also meeting our other acceptance criteria).

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