PRICES FROM £5 A MONTH (depending on your age).

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Over 50s Life Insurance from Churchill is our way of helping your family in tough times. Provided by Legal & General , the policy pays out a cash sum if you died after one year from when you bought your policy. And it could be used to contribute towards funeral expenses or any outstanding bills. You can also choose to leave it as a small gift to your family or grandchildren.

What are the benefits?

The policy covers you for the whole of your life, as long as you keep up your monthly premiums. Simply choose how much you want to pay – based on your needs – as well as the cash sum you want the policy to pay out.

You can choose who will benefit from the policy after you die. Thinking about your family or a loved one? Be clear where you want the money to go – you can place the policy in a Trust. Click here for more information.

We also offer a £300 Funeral Benefit Option where the cash sum can be used to contribute towards the cost of your funeral. And this can be added to your policy at no extra charge.

You can find more information in the policy summary.

Why Churchill?

  • Premiums begin at £5 a month depending on your age.
  • If you are a UK resident between 50 and 80 you’re accepted –guaranteed.
  • No medical or health assessments required.
  • Premiums will stop after your 90th birthday but you will be covered for the rest of your life.

Things you need to know:

  • A claim can be made after one year, regardless of the cause of death. If you die from natural causes within the first year we will refund any premiums paid, unless you die as the result of an accident, when we will pay your cash sum.
  • Depending on how long you live, total premiums paid may be greater than the cash sum payable on death.
  • After your 90th birthday you will stop paying premiums but your cover will continue.
  • If you stop paying premiums before the end of your policy, your cover will end 30 days after your missed premium and you won’t get anything back.
  • This is not a savings or investment product and has no cash value until a valid claim is made.
  • Inflation will reduce the buying power of your cash sum in the future.

*e‐Gift Card Terms & Conditions

  • Eligible for an e‐Gift Card three months after the policy start date, provided you haven't cancelled your policy. No cash alternative provided.
  • You’ll receive an email or letter confirming how to redeem your gift. Please allow 30 days for delivery of this communication. One e‐Gift Card per policy sold, limited to two per household.
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