Meet the Lollipoppers of the Year!

The Churchill Lollipopper Awards 2016

At Churchill Insurance we know the vital role Lollipoppers play in protecting our children. And we have given YOU the chance to celebrate your Lollipopper and reward them for being there, twice a day, every day during the school term!

The winners of the Churchill Lollipopper Awards 2016 have now been chosen for the following categories - Over & Above, Bravest, Most Entertaining and Kindest and the overall winner of the coveted Golden Lollipop Stick.

The Lollipopper who… has been awarded the prestigious title of the Lollipopper of the year.

Carole Stokes Barwell Infant School
"Whatever the weather her love and care for the children and the whole Barwell community shines through. This is a very well deserved win, recognising a wonderful person with a huge heart." – Mrs Sarah Carey, Head Teacher
Over & Above Betty Ealand Tewkesbury CE Primary School

Betty has been awarded for her dedication. She has been the Lollipopper for over 40 years and although she has been knocked down, she always gets back up.

Commended Lollipoppers
Patricia Lunney, Linda Robertson & Sarah Gabriel

Bravest Elaine Hockley St. George's Bickley
CE Primary School

Elaine has been awarded for her bravery. Working on such a hard junction she is patient, yet strong enough to cope with the chaos.

Commended Lollipoppers
Samantha Martin

Most Entertaining Herbie Lloyd Battling Brook Primary School

Herbie has been awarded for his humour & dedication. Everyone loves Herbie!

Commended Lollipoppers
Carole Stokes & Sharon Salter

Kindest Linda Robertson Morley Newlands School

Linda has been awarded for her kindness, for going out of her way to always help the children and the parents.

Commended Lollipoppers
Martin Smith, Carole Stokes

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