Bike benefits

Up to 62% no claim discount

If a claim is not made under your policy, your renewal premium will be reduced in accordance with the scale applicable at such time with your insurer (Devitt can tell you what the current scale is).

The No Claim Discount is applied to the policy premium as a whole (excluding any flat rate premiums) and in the event of a claim, the discount will be reduced in accordance with the scale applicable with your insurer at such time, regardless of the number of motorbikes insured under the policy and which motorbike was involved. The reduction in discount will not apply if you have paid to protect your No Claim Discount, subject to the terms and conditions of that protection provided by your insurer. Please note that this is no guarantee that your premium will not rise.

No Claim Discount is not earned under a policy issued and in force for less than 12 months.

If your insurer consents to a transfer of this policy to another person, within their Underwriting rules, the No Claim Discount already earned under this policy will not apply to the person to whom the policy is being transferred.

All your accessories, covered

There’s no extra charge to cover up to £100 of accessories. That even includes your panniers. So if your motorbike is lost, stolen or damaged we will pay up to a maximum of £100 for accessories and spare parts relating to your motorbike while these are on your bike.

Full policy cover for up to 90 days per trip

We will cover use of your motorbike for visits to countries outside Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man for trips not exceeding 90 days.

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Churchill Motorbike Insurance is underwritten from a panel of insurers and arranged by Devitt Insurance Services Limited.