Beauty Therapist & Beauty Salon Insurance

By its very nature, being a beauty therapist means working in close proximity with your clients. From a slip or trip in your own salon to a stained carpet in a customer’s home, everyday accidents can have serious consequences for you and your business.

Why do I need insurance as a beauty therapist?

While most clients try to understand when things go wrong, it only takes one to pursue a compensation claim that could put your business under serious strain. If they believe you’ve caused them personal injury or damage, they could pursue legal action against you. Facing this without adequate cover can be a complicated and costly affair.

Cover for mobile beauticians and beauty salon owners

Whether you’re a mobile beauty therapist, a salon owner or a home-based professional, our flexible Public Liability Insurance will cover you should a customer or other member of the public sue you for injury or damages. Our standard cover of £1m can be increased to £2m, £5m, or as high as £10m if you call us.

Is it required for all self-employed beauty therapists?

While not a legal requirement, Public Liability Insurance is widely considered essential within all customer-facing industries. As well as providing you with peace of mind and some security for your business, it also helps you present a professional image.

What other forms of cover may my beauty business need?

It may be that your insurance needs to extend beyond public liability, depending on the nature of your beauty business. For example, if you run a salon with employees, you’ll need employers’ liability insurance as a legal requirement. Churchill offers this cover up to £10m, as well as a range of optional extras, including:

  • Insurance for business equipment
  • Cover of business stock up to £5,000
  • Personal accident cover for named people (aged 16‐75 years)
  • Death benefit

Find out more about our optional extras.