Builders Public Liability Insurance

Churchill’s flexible Builders Public Liability Insurance provides self-employed tradesmen with reliable, cost‐effective cover that suits their individual circumstances. It’s time to fix the roof while the sun shines, and take out Builders Insurance that’s there when you need it.

Why do builders need to take cover?

As a builder, you have to manage a range of risks every day. Accidents happen, and in your line of work the results can be costly, particularly if they involve a legal claim for compensation. Build your business upon firm foundations by taking out a Builders Insurance policy that keeps you covered against the most likely mishaps.

Is Builders Public Liability Insurance compulsory?

While Public Liability Insurance for builders is not legally compulsory, it’s widely considered essential in the industry. Very few (if any) public‐sector organisations or large companies will work with an uninsured builder, so by not getting cover, you’re not only putting yourself at significant financial risk, you could also miss out on valuable work.

How much does Builders Insurance cost?

The cost of Builders Public Liability Insurance depends on various factors, from the type and scale of the projects you carry out to your personal preferences and requirements. The best way to find out the cost of your premiums is to get a tailored Builders Public Liability Insurance quote today.