Carpenters Public Liability Insurance

When the chips are down, our Carpenters Insurance has got you covered, with £1m cover as standard and options to increase to up to £5m (or £10m if you call us).

Why do I need Carpenters Insurance?

Using sharp tools, heavy materials and, sometimes, hazardous chemicals exposes you to several risks. Working in clients’ homes or other premises means a simple mistake can easily cause property damage or injury. If this results in a compensation claim from a customer or other third party and you are found legally liable, our Carpenters Public Liability Insurance will cover the cost of any settlement (subject to your chosen limit).

Is it required for all self‐employed carpenters and joiners?

In a strict legal sense, Carpenters Insurance may not be compulsory, but it’s widely considered essential within the industry. Without adequate cover, most public sector organisations and larger firms, not to mention many small and medium‐sized businesses, will simply refuse to work with contractors without liability cover of £1m or more.

A credible Carpenters and Joiners Insurance policy will hammer home the message that you mean business, and could even help you nail some lucrative contracts.

How much does Carpenters Insurance cost?

The cost of Carpenters Insurance depends on several factors, from the type of work you do to the amount of cover you require.