Electricians Public Liability Insurance

No matter how professional and careful you are in your work, as an electrician it’s impossible to insulate yourself entirely from the chances of a mishap. Our Electricians Insurance is there to cover you against a range of everyday risks.

Why do I need Electricians Insurance?

Accidents happen in all walks of life, but for electricians the results of a mistake can be very serious indeed. If, in the course of your work, you cause property damage or injury to a third party and are found legally liable, our Electricians Public Liability Insurance will cover you against claims for compensation.

Is it required for all self-employed electricians?

Public-sector organisations, from individual schools to county councils, are unlikely to do business with any uninsured contractor. The same goes for most large companies and several smaller firms. So, while Electricians Public Liability Insurance isn’t legally compulsory, it’s widely considered essential in the industry.

How much does Electricians Public Liability Insurance cost?

TThe cost of Electricians Public Liability Insurance depends on various factors, from the kind of work you carry out to your personal cover requirements. Our flexible cover enables you to choose a policy that suits your needs, preferences and budgets. Don’t leave yourself open to the nasty shock of a compensation claim.