Insurance for Gardeners

Weed out one of the big risks to your gardening business’ long‐term growth, with public liability cover of £1m or more.

Why do I need Gardeners Insurance?

While your business is blossoming, administrative issues like insurance are easy to deprioritise. But accidents happen in all industries, and for gardeners, working on uneven ground and sometimes in difficult conditions, the risks should not be ignored. Any mishaps that cause personal injury or property damage can lead to a claim for compensation. If you are found legally liable, our Gardeners Public Liability Insurance will cover you against these claims from customers or other members of the public.

Is it required for all self‐employed gardeners?

As well as covering your business against a range of risks, having Gardeners Insurance could help you win contracts with important clients, such as public sector organisations or larger companies. Few of these potential clients will do business with an uninsured contractor. So even though it’s not legally compulsory, Public Liability Insurance is widely considered essential across many industries.

How much does Gardeners Insurance cost?

The cost of your Gardeners Insurance will vary, according to your specific requirements, the types of jobs you undertake and a range of other factors.