Hairdressing Insurance

Working closely with customers every day exposes hairdressers to several risks. From cuts and scratches or skin reactions to permanent hair damage, the consequences of what could seem like a minor mishap can be severe, not to mention expensive.

Public Liability Insurance for mobile and salon hairdressers

Our Public Liability Insurance for salon‐based and mobile hairdressers will cover you if you are found legally liable following a claim for compensation from a customer or other third party.

If a client alleges that you’ve caused them injury or damage, they could sue. So don’t cut any corners; get a Hairdressing Insurance quote today.

Is it required for all self‐employed hairdressers?

While public liability cover is not a legal requirement, it’s widely considered essential in all public‐facing industries, and few professionals have as much day‐to‐day contact with customers as hairdressers.

No matter how skilled and diligent you are, you can’t please everyone. Of course, not every dissatisfied customer will sue, or even complain. But as you rack up hundreds and then thousands of hair styling appointments in your career, your chances of a costly mishap inevitably grow. Trim the risks to your financial wellbeing down to size by getting our Public Liability Insurance for Hairdressers today.

How much does Hairdressing Insurance cost?

The cost of your premiums will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of hairdressing you do and the level of cover you require. The bottom line, however, is that by shaving a proportion from your profits to obtain insurance you can buy yourself peace of mind for the long‐term.