Making A Claim

Making a claim

Contact us immediately on 0345 878 8195 with your policy number and as much information about your claim as possible.

Lines are open: Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm (excluding public holidays). Calls may be recorded.

What will make the claims process easier?

Make sure you understand your policy, so you know what is and what isn’t covered. If you’re unsure, call us as soon as possible.

Keep detailed records of accidents, risk assessments, and equipment purchases. We may need to see evidence supporting any claims.

If anything happens which may result in you needing to make a claim, call us immediately, as your policy may have a time limit for making a claim.

Tell the police immediately should you suffer theft, malicious damage, or loss of any property

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We’re helping to keep prices down with anti-fraud technology. We take insurance fraud very seriously because it drives up the cost of everyone’s premiums. We don’t think its fair that the actions of a few should affect so many so we’re using special detection processes to identify false and exaggerated claims and help keep the cost of your policy down.

You can count on Churchill to look after you and settle all genuine claims as quickly and as fairly as we can.