Churchill DriveSure Telematics FAQs

App download and registration

  • Why should I download the DriveSure app?

    The DriveSure app is used to record your journey data and is a requirement of your DriveSure policy. The app monitors your driving via GPS and enables you to keep track of your driving score, while also providing feedback to help you become a smarter, safer driver.

  • When should I download and register the DriveSure app?

    You can download and register the app once you‘ve received your welcome email. You must download and register the app within seven days of your policy start date, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your policy. This may affect your ability to purchase insurance in the future.

  • Where can I download the DriveSure app?

    You’ll receive a download link in your welcome email. You can also download the app from the App Store and Google Play store.

  • Will the app work on a Windows phone?

    The DriveSure app isn’t compatible with Windows phones. You’ll need an Android or Apple smartphone to use the app.

  • How do I register the DriveSure app?

    Once you’ve installed the DriveSure app on your phone, follow the in-app registration process. Make sure you enter the personal details that were used to purchase the policy.

  • I’m having difficulty registering the DriveSure app

    Please make sure you’re registering with the same personal details that were used to purchase your DriveSure policy. If you continue to experience problems please contact us 0345 878 6375 or email

  • What settings will I need to change on my phone?

    When completing the in-app registration process, you must follow the device set up Instructions and ensure location services on your device are switched on.

  • What happens if I delete or don’t download the DriveSure app?

    If you don’t use the DriveSure app we won’t be able to record your journey data. This could result in the cancellation of your policy and may affect your ability to purchase insurance in the future.

  • When will you start recording my driving data?

    The DriveSure app will be ready to record journey data once you’ve completed the app’s registration process.

Using the DriveSure app

Journey recording

  • How does automatic journey recording work?

    The DriveSure app is always on in the background, but will only begin recording driving data when it detects a faster and longer movement from one point to another - typical of a car journey. This means the app won’t record when you’re walking around with your phone in your pocket or bag. DriveSure may continue to record after your journey has ended to make sure you’re not sitting at a traffic light or stuck in traffic.

  • What happens if I don’t record a journey?

    It’s a requirement of the DriveSure policy that you record all journeys, so they can be scored. If we don’t detect a journey through your DriveSure App for 14 consecutive days and you don’t notify us, we reserve the right to cancel your policy. This may affect your ability to purchase insurance in the future.

  • What should I do if there’s a situation where I won’t record a journey for more than 14 consecutive days?

    If you know you won’t be recording a journey for a period of time, then you’re required to let us know before this period of inactivity. Call us on 0345 878 6375 or email

  • Why hasn’t DriveSure recorded my journey?

    DriveSure won’t record journeys if your battery level drops below the limit set by the app. This limit can be adjusted from 15% to 30% from the app’s settings menu. Technical issues outside of our control, such as the loss of GPS or mobile network connections, may also prevent the app from recording journey data. It can also take a few hours for a journey to appear on the DriveSure app.

Journey tagging

  • What if a journey is recorded and I wasn’t the driver?

    If you were a passenger in a car or using another mode of transportation, you can edit the tag on the journey to reflect this. You have up to 72 hours after a journey to edit the tag. After this, the tag against that journey is submitted and cannot be edited.


  • How scores are calculated

    Once registered, the DriveSure app will record and analyse data about how you drive your car. The app will record your specific location, direction and current speed, amongst other factors. We can use this information to understand road type, speed and other conditions relating to your journey. This information will be used to build a profile of how, where and when your car is driven.

  • What data are you going to collect?

    A variety of driving and environmental data will be collected. Driving data includes speed, acceleration and braking, while environmental data includes time of day, location and duration of journey.

  • What will you do with the data you collect?

    We’ll analyse the collected data to build a picture of driving habits and behaviours. Using this data, we hope to provide our customers with better and cheaper insurance.

  • What are the differences between driving behaviour and environmental factors?

    Your total score is calculated from all of your journeys as a driver that have been recorded by the DriveSure app. The score for a single journey is based on your driving behaviour (how you drive) and environmental factors (where and when you drive).

  • Why don’t I see my score when a journey is finished?

    The DriveSure app sends your driving data to a server where your driving score is calculated. Depending on the journey length, this may take several seconds or longer. You’ll receive the score sooner if you allow the app to use mobile data to transmit your driving data. Using wifi delays the transmission of data until the next time you’re connected to wifi.

  • Will DriveSure affect the cost of my insurance policy at renewal?

    Your DriveSure driving score will be considered at renewal and is one of many factors which could increase or decrease the cost of your insurance.

Change of details


Contact us

If you have any queries regarding DriveSure, please contact customer support on 0345 878 6375 or email