DriveSure App Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains how we and our technology suppliers will collect and use the journey data gathered by the DriveSure App.

It is important that you are aware that journey data will be collected and transmitted any time the DriveSure App is enabled.

Who we are

We are U K Insurance Limited (“we”, “us” or “our”) and you will know us by our brand names:

Churchill, Direct Line, Privilege and Green Flag

You should also read the Privacy Notice provided with your motor insurance policy documents, as it explains how we will use the information that you provide us and that we collect from you. You can find information on your rights, how to contact us and make a complaint in this notice.

Data captured by the DriveSure App

Once activated the DriveSure App will record and analyse your journey data and your driving behaviour. All of your journey data will be collected and retained by the app, whether you are a driver or passenger. Passenger journeys can be excluded from your driving scores by tagging your journey. The DriveSure app only starts recording when you’re travelling at a minimum speed and will stop recording when your journey ends. We do not record you 24/7.

It will capture and send your specific location, direction, current speed; duration of journey; braking and cornering mobile phone usage whilst driving, amongst other factors to our technology supplier’s server and we will use the information to understand road type, speed and other conditions relating to your journey. This information will be used to build up a profile of how, where, when your car is driven and the level of your mobile phone distraction. This information will be combined to form a driving score based on your driving behaviour.

How we use the data collected from the DriveSure App

We will use the journey data from the DriveSure App for assessing individuals' driving behaviour and to provide insurance policies which are reflective of driving behaviour as well as other rating factors.

Your data may be used for the following purposes:

  • To help us to understand safe driving behaviours, which we will use to develop underwriting of our motor insurance policies and to inform our development of similar products, services and systems;
  • To help to determine or corroborate the circumstances of a claim, loss or theft;
  • To help prevent and detect fraud;
  • To tailor your premium at renewal

We will use your information in this way so that we can administer your DriveSure App policy and assess your driving score to determine the risk you pose as a driver. This will influence the insurance premium you pay.

How long we keep your personal information for

We will collect, process and retain your personal and journey data in accordance with data protection legislation and our policies on data retention. From the moment you stop using the DriveSure app, we retain your data for six years. After six years we completely anonymise the data but keep it indefinitely for statistical and analytical purposes.

How our suppliers use your personal data and the journey data

When you give us your information, it will be shared with our technology supplier.

The information collected by the DriveSure App will be used by our technology supplier for research and analytical purposes both during the active period of the DriveSure App, and after your use of the DriveSure App has ceased. Any information that our technology supplier shares with third parties will be made anonymous and will not contain any of your personal information. This will prevent personal data or journey data results being directly linked to you.

Our technology supplier will use your personal data for communications that relate to your DriveSure App participation and will use your journey data for the purposes below.

  • Road and vehicle usage including for road safety issues, real time traffic flow, environmental impacts such as idle time at junctions, journey times, distances and speeds, and the analysis of junctions and the risk they represent;
  • Driving behaviour analysis and profiling including determining what constitutes safe and dangerous driving and the typical behaviours of various segments of the UK population;
  • Analysis of the causes of, and forces involved in, collisions and other road incidents; and,
  • Researching and refining techniques for analysing motor vehicle telematics data.

We and our technology supplier can use your personal information in this way because it is in our legitimate interests to provide the services in the most efficient way and understand risks of driving behaviour. We will always ensure that we keep the amount of your personal information that we collect and the extent of the processing to the absolute minimum to achieve this efficiency.

If you wish to cancel your participation in DriveSure App, your account will be deactivated and data collection will stop within two weeks from the point of cancellation

When do we use computers to make decisions about you?

Information recorded from your DriveSure App will be assessed automatically to generate your driving score. This score will be based upon a review of your specific location, direction and current speed and the level of your mobile phone distraction, as well as information to understand road type, speed and other conditions relating to your journey. The driving score will be assessed against our internal models of driver behaviour to generate a driving score. This score can be accessed via your DriveSure App.

The driving score will be used within our pricing systems to determine your renewal premium