Cycling Insurance

For bikes, riders and cycling gear

Choose from three cover types to suit your needs.

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Why choose Churchill for cycling insurance?

Depending on the type of cover you choose, and as long as your bike's worth over £250, you can get insured for:

  • Theft of your bike
  • Personal injury while out riding or taking part in a cycling event
  • Public liability if someone makes a claim against you
  • Taking your bike and cycling gear abroad
  • We'll cover your travel costs if you have an accident and need to get home
  • Accidental damage to your bike
  • Emergency medical cover, including dental care, optical care and physiotherapy
  • Theft or damage to your cycling accessories
  • If you can't take part in an event due to a cycling injury, we'll cover your entry fees
  • Find out more about Travel cover and Race and Event cover on our Bike Cover page

Do you need cyclist cover?

For £1.25 a month, you'll get up to £2,000,000 public liability cover if someone makes a claim against you for damage or injury caused while you're out cycling. For another 80p a month, you can get help with your medical bills, physiotherapy, dental and optical care if you’re injured in a cycling accident.

What type of bikes are covered?



We insure a range of electric bikes and ‘pedal assist’ bikes with up to 250 watts of output and a top speed of 15.5 miles an hour. As long as your bike is manufactured as an electric bike and not retrofitted, we cover:

  • Electric commuter bikes
  • Electric hybrid or leisure bikes (e.g. cruisers)
  • Electric mountain and downhill bikes
  • Electric road bikes
  • Electric gravel bikes


Mountain and gravel bikes

Mountain bike trails are demanding – both on you, the rider, and your wheels. If you ride a downhill bike, mountain bike or gravel bike, you might struggle to get cover from home and contents insurers. At Churchill, we understand that you’ll want to put your bike through its paces and test yourself on gravel trails and steep slopes, which is why we’ll cover your bike for theft and accidental damage.


Cargo bikes

A cargo bike is a bike with a box on the front or back that you can use to transport things – such as your weekly shop, your dog, or your children. It’s sometimes called a carrier cycle or box bike. Cargo bikes and electric cargo bikes are cheaper to run than cars, especially for short, local trips. If you only use your cargo bike or e-cargo bike for pleasure, we’ll insure it against theft or damage.


Road bikes

Whether you get out at the weekend for long bike rides with friends, or commute to work, you’ll need the right insurance for your wheels. Our dedicated team understands just how important your bike is to you, which is why they will do their best to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

What do you get with Churchill cycling insurance?

Choose from three types of cover and add optional extras if you need them.

Cyclist Cover Bicycle Cover Bicycle & Cyclist Cover
Public liability cover Optional
Accidental damage
Bike theft
Cycling accessories
Multi-Bike Discount
Travel cover Optional Optional
Race & event cover Optional Optional
Personal injury Optional Optional Optional
Emergency medical cover Optional Optional Optional
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Save 10% with our multi-bike discount

Add all your family's bikes to the same policy. As long as the bikes are owned by you, your partner, child or parent, and they live at your home address, you’ll get:

  • 10% discount on the second bike
  • 15% discount on three or more bikes

The most valuable bike will be counted as the first bike on your policy, so discounts will apply to each bike thereafter. All bikes must be worth over £250. Excludes optional extras.

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Frequently asked questions

The insured value of your bike is used to calculate your premium. The best way to find out how much to insure it for is to have a chat with a member of the cycling team via email, phone or LiveChat. In just a few minutes you’ll have a clear idea of the amount you should insure your bike for.

You should lock your bicycle securely through the frame and all quick release wheels, and then to an immovable object (such as metal railings or purpose-built bike rack), using an approved lock. A combination of a D-lock and a keyed, armour-padded cable is particularly effective.

If you bought your bike brand new, the correct value to insure it for would be the recommended retail price of your bike, should you replace it in today's terms. The cost of repair or replacement of a new bicycle is on a new for old basis, provided it was purchased new by you and the sum insured is sufficient to replace your bicycle on a new for old basis.

If you bought your bike second hand, you should insure it for its current market value – that is, the amount someone would typically pay for it in its current condition. The cost of repair or replacement on a second-hand bike is up to the highest value of either an objectively determined market value or the depreciated value calculated using the recommended retail price of an equivalent replacement bicycle when purchased new, and applying the following scale:

  • After the first year, the bicycle reduces in value by 20% of the recommended retail price.
  • After the second year, the bicycle reduces in value by a further 10%.
  • Each year thereafter (of part thereof), the bicycle reduces by a further 5% per year

The approved lock you need will vary depending on the insured value of the bike:

  • Insured for less than £1,000 – a Sold Secure Silver rated lock.
  • Bikes insured for £1,000 or more – a Sold Secure Gold rated lock.

For more information, check out the Sold Secure website.

Sold Secure is a company that rates locks on how they perform under rigorous security tests. For the latest information on rated locks, check out the Sold Secure website.

Yes, all our cycling insurance policies can be paid by monthly payment at no extra cost. To make sure that there are no gaps in coverage and that you never ride without insurance cover, your policy will renew automatically after 12 months. But don’t worry, you’ll receive an email at least three weeks before renewal is due. You’ll then have a further 14-day cooling off period during which you’ll incur no admin fees if you change your mind.

If you decide you don’t want your policy to renew automatically, just let the cycling team know by emailing or give us a call on 0330 390 6996.

Yes. £250 worth of cover is included as standard for cycling accessories. If you need a higher cover limit, you’ll need to specify the amount you wish to insure when you apply for cover online. You can add all kinds of cycling gear to your policy including panniers, a GPS, racing wheels, helmets, clothing and lights – up to a combined total value of £5,000. Or just give the cycling team a call on 0330 390 6996 and they can add them to your policy for you.

Yes. You don’t need to specify custom parts, however, you do need to be able to prove ownership. The value of your custom parts or wheelsets should be included in your bicycle sum insured. Wheelsets are covered under the accessories, personal gear and additional wheelsets cover limit. If you need to do this, give the cycling team a call on 0330 390 6996 or email us at

No. Your cycling accessories are only covered when they are used with the insured bicycle listed on your policy. The only way a friend could use your equipment and for it to retain its cover is if you hold a policy for their bike, too.

Churchill Cycling Insurance can cover an insured bicycle that’s damaged while fastened to a bike rack, but the rack itself won’t be covered. It’s worth checking your car insurance policy though, as this sort of cover tends to fall under motor insurance.

If you decide that the cycling insurance policy isn’t for you, you can cancel within 14 days of the start date (provided you haven’t made a claim). This also applies to each renewal period.

If you cancel within the cooling-off period, any premiums you have paid for the policy will be refunded, less any government levies, taxes or duties and fees that cannot be recovered. Even after this cooling-off period ends, you still have cancellation rights.

When your 12-month policy reaches its anniversary, it will automatically renew for another year unless you (the policy holder) request otherwise. You’ll receive notification by email three weeks in advance of the renewal date as a reminder, attaching the relevant information and documentation for the new term.

If you want to continue to cover your bike, simply do nothing and the policy will renew with no gaps in cover. Alternatively, you may decide to cancel your insurance policy by calling 0330 390 6996 or sending an email to