Bicycle cover

Insure your bike and cycling gear

Our bike insurance will help you get back on the road (or dirt track) in no time.

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Need insurance for your bike?

If your bike's worth over £250, bike insurance will cover you if it's stolen or you have an accident while out cycling.

You might already have your bike listed on your home contents insurance, but it's unlikely to cover loss or damage that happens away from home.

It's worth checking to see whether your home insurance covers you for:

  • Accidental damage while you’re out cycling or taking part in a sportive
  • Theft away from your home
  • Malicious damage
  • Taking your bike abroad
  • Reimbursement for bike hire or taxi fare if you're away from home
  • Cycling accessories, including personal gear and additional wheelsets

Why choose Churchill for bike insurance?

Once you've provided all the information, our cycling team will aim to resolve your claim within one working day. With Churchill, you’ll get the following cover for your bike:

  • Accidental or malicious damage
    Your bike will either be repaired, or the damaged parts will be replaced.
  • Theft (from your home or away)
    As long as you've followed the security measures and secured your bike with an approved lock.
  • Theft from a roof rack or trailer
    Provided it hasn’t been left unsecured or unattended (see approved locks for more information).
  • Reimbursement for cycle hire and transport costs
    Get up to £500 to hire a suitable replacement bike, or cover transport costs while yours is being fixed.
  • Onward travel after an accident
    We'll cover the cost of your taxi fare to get yourself and your bike home, to the nearest station or bike repair shop – whichever is closest.
  • Roof rack and transit cover
    Your bike is covered for any damage caused while you're transporting it securely.
  • Multi-Bike Discount
    If you, or someone you live with has another bike worth over £250, you can save 10% by adding it to your policy.
  • New for old replacement
    We'll replace your lost or irreparable bike with a similar make/model up to your benefit limit, if you bought it new. Or we’ll reimburse you for its current market value, subject to depreciation.
  • Cycling accessories
    Get up to £250 cover for your cycling kit, such as clothing, accessories and GPS, if they're lost or damaged in an accident which also damaged your bike.
  • Cycling gear worth up to £5,000
    Let us know if your bike and accessories are worth over £250 and we'll include the extra cover in your premium.

What type of bikes are covered?



We insure a range of electric bikes and ‘pedal assist’ bikes with up to 250 watts of output and a top speed of 15.5 miles an hour. As long as your bike is manufactured as an electric bike and not retrofitted, we cover:

  • Electric commuter bikes
  • Electric hybrid or leisure bikes (e.g. cruisers)
  • Electric mountain and downhill bikes
  • Electric road bikes
  • Electric gravel bikes


Mountain and gravel bikes

Mountain bike trails are demanding – both on you, the rider, and your wheels. If you ride a downhill bike, mountain bike or gravel bike, you might struggle to get cover from home and contents insurers. At Churchill, we understand that you’ll want to put your bike through its paces and test yourself on gravel trails and steep slopes, which is why we’ll cover your bike for theft and accidental damage.


Cargo bikes

A cargo bike is a bike with a box on the front or back that you can use to transport things – such as your weekly shop, your dog, or your children. It’s sometimes called a carrier cycle or box bike. Cargo bikes and electric cargo bikes are cheaper to run than cars, especially for short, local trips. If you only use your cargo bike or e-cargo bike for pleasure, we’ll insure it against theft or damage.


Road bikes

Whether you get out at the weekend for long bike rides with friends, or commute to work, you’ll need the right insurance for your wheels. Our dedicated team understands just how important your bike is to you, which is why they will do their best to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Got more than one bike to insure?

Save money by adding all your bikes to the same policy. As long as the bikes are owned by an immediate family member who lives at your home address, you’ll get:

  • 10% discount on the second bike
  • 15% discount on three or more bikes

The most valuable bike will be counted as the first bike on your policy, so discounts will apply to each bike thereafter. All bikes must be worth over £250. Excludes optional extras.

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Optional add-ons for you

Worldwide Travel

Cover your bike for theft and accidental damage, anywhere in the world.

What’s covered?

  • Your bike, accessories, clothing and kit while you’re away for up to 365 days per policy period, limited to 90 consecutive days per trip.
  • Theft or accidental damage to your bike and bike box while travelling by air, rail, sea or road. You must include your bike in your checked luggage for each stage of your journey.

Good to know...

If you've added Cyclist Cover to your policy, you’ll be covered for public liability when you travel abroad with your bike. This excludes the USA and Canada, where public liability cover isn’t available.

Taking part in a race overseas? You might want to take out our Race and Events cover, too.

Race and Events Cover

Taking part in a race, triathlon or cycling event? Your bike won’t be covered under a standard bike insurance policy, due to the increased risk of accidental damage.

What’s covered?

  • Damage to your bicycle, cycling accessories and personal gear
    If the damage is caused by a sudden, unforeseen incident that’s entirely outside of your control.
  • Race event fee reimbursement
    If you can’t take part because you’ve hurt yourself in a cycling accident on your insured bike, up to £500 of your entry fee will be reimbursed.
  • Cycling event secure zone
    Your cycling accessories, components and personal gear are covered for up to 18 hours against theft and damage while in the secure zone, if they’re stolen along with your bike.

Good to know...

If you want to take your bike abroad to race, add Travel Cover to your policy to protect your bike against damage or theft while you’re away.

Important information:

As soon as you’ve bought your policy, send us photos of your bike along with proof of purchase, so we can process any claims easily.

If your claim is approved, we'll organise prompt repairs or replacements via a trusted network of bike shops and service centres.

If you make a claim for theft of your bike, it will be subject to certain security conditions, so make sure you store your bike securely. Your claim may be rejected or not fully paid if you don't use the correct lock for the value of your bike and follow the bike storage requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

You can insure any bike, as long as its current market value is over £250.

If your bike is worth over £15,000, call us on 0330 390 6996 for a quote.

Home contents insurance often has limitations regarding your bike’s value and the circumstances under which it’s covered (usually while it’s stored at your home). With Churchill, your bike is covered while you’re out riding, plus you can add extra cover that is right for you (Travel Cover or Race and Event Cover, for example).

If you leave your bike unattended (i.e. you leave it unsecured, more than five metres away), you will not be covered for accidental damage or theft. The following situations are considered ‘abandonment’ and are not covered under your cycling insurance:

  • Leaving your bicycle in an unlocked vehicle
  • Leaving your bicycle unattended in a location other than your home where it is not securely locked through the frame and any quick release wheels to an immovable object.
  • Leaving your bicycle unattended in a location other than your home for longer than 18 hours, even if secured. This is extended to 24 hours if left at a train station or your place of permanent employment.
  • Leaving your bicycle in the event secure zone at a triathlon or other sporting event for longer than 24 hours.

To be eligible for Churchill cycling insurance, you must be over 18 years of age and permanently reside in the UK. Insurance cover isn’t provided for:

  • Professional cyclists or sponsored riders – cyclists who ride bicycles as their primary occupation or source of income or receive a discount of greater than 50% of the recommended retail price of a bicycle.
  • Couriers and delivery drivers – anyone who uses their bicycle to carry out their work or hires out their bicycle for others to use. Please note, this does not include commuting to your place of work.

No, cover applies if your bicycle is stolen or if you have an accident or crash whilst riding, which renders your bike unrideable and unable to be repaired at the scene of the incident.

If you leave your bike unattended when in town, at a friend’s house or when you stop for lunch, it needs to be locked to an immovable object through the frame and any quick-release wheels using an approved lock. Please note, if you leave your bike for longer than 18 hours (even if it is securely locked) it will be considered ‘abandoned’ and will not be covered for accidental damage or theft.

If your bicycle is left unattended inside a vehicle or attached to it – for instance, in a service station car park or in a town centre – it must be:

  • securely locked through the frame to a properly fixed bicycle rack with an approved lock, or
  • securely locked through the frame to a properly fixed bicycle rack with an approved lock, or
  • kept inside a securely locked vehicle and locked through the frame and all quick release wheels to a secure anchor point by an approved lock, or
  • kept inside a fully enclosed trailer which is securely locked with a closed shackle padlock or by the lockable security provisions of the trailer.

If you are going on a plane with your bike, your bicycle and/or accessories must be securely packed in appropriate transportation equipment that fully encloses and protects your bicycle and/or accessories in their entirety.