How much life insurance cover do you need?

How much cover do you need?

It’s not easy for anyone to think about dying, but everyone wants to make sure their loved ones are looked after. Should something happen to you, life insurance could help provide financial security for your family.

It can help towards paying an outstanding mortgage or help protect the family's lifestyle and everyday living expenses. But how much cover do you need? Our calculator helps you work out how much life cover could suit your needs.

What to do next

You’ve considered the amount of cover.. What now? With Churchill, you can get a life insurance quote in under 3 minutes. You’ll be asked a few simple questions, so it’s handy to have the following details to hand:

  • Whether you require a level term or decreasing term product
  • Date of birth
  • How long you want the life cover to last
  • ‘Smoker status’

If you want the policy to cover you and someone else, you’ll need to know their date of birth and whether they’ve smoked too.

If you need to, it’s easy to go back and edit your answers. This may change the quote. Once you’re happy with your quote, you can apply online.

If you’ve got questions about your quote, or need any help, contact us on 0800 1455 588. Our lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday. We may record or monitor calls.

Things you need to know about our calculator

  • These figures are based on the information you have provided and should not be taken as a recommendation or advice.
  • This is an illustration only of the amount of life cover you may need and not how long you need it for or the type of cover required. It also does not take in to account the effects of inflation.
  • The amount and length of cover will depend on your personal circumstances. You may wish to consider the length of your mortgage, what financial commitments you might have and how long your children will be financially dependent on you.