Over 50s Life insurance

Over 50s Life insurance from £5 a month

Depending on your age and smoking history. Provided by AIG.

Call us free on 0800 077 8318

Call us free on 0800 077 8318

Take out a policy and receive a £100 giftcard

Only choose a premium you can afford and only apply for the cover you need. The giftcard will be sent once your policy has been in force for six months. Tell me more about this offer.

Reasons to rely on Churchill for Over 50s Life Insurance

Churchill Life insurance is provided by AIG. AIG Life Limited is an award winning specialist, receiving the 2019 Organisation of the Year award from Protection Review, and have 1.2 million customers across the UK.

  • Protected insurance amount

    If you've made at least half your payments, with our Protected Insurance Amount we'll still pay an amount to you even if you stop making payments or cancel your policy.

  • No assessments required

    Acceptance is guaranteed if you are aged between 50 and 85 (81 if you smoke).

  • 100% of Over 50s Life Insurance claims paid out

    Churchill Over 50s Life Insurance is provided by AIG, which paid 100% of claims in 2019.

  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to a GP

    Get Smart Health services at no extra cost, giving you and your family unlimited, 24/7 access to health and wellbeing experts. This includes GP appointments over the phone or video call.
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    Smart Health is provided to AIG customers by Teladoc Health. These services do not form part of your insurance contract and can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

  • Monthly payments won't increase

    You'll stop paying after your 90th birthday, but you'll be covered for the rest of your life.

Over 50s Life Insurance explained

Our Over 50s Life Insurance, provided by AIG, is ideal if you want a policy that pays out a cash sum to help out your loved ones when you die. The money could be used to contribute towards funeral expenses – giving you extra peace of mind. 

To get a quote you only need to provide your date of birth, whether you smoke and how much you wish to pay each month. You can then easily adjust your quote by increasing or decreasing your monthly payments.

Is life insurance a better option?

Life insurance helps to protect your family financially if you die during the length of your policy.

You can choose the amount and length of your life insurance. And you only have to answer a few lifestyle and health questions to apply.

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Writing the policy to a trust

Help take control of your family's financial security by placing your Over 50s Life Insurance policy in trust.

You specify who receives the proceeds in the event of your death.

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Important information

Things you need to know

  • The total payments you make for your insurance might exceed the amount of your insurance, depending on when you die.
  • The amount you pay and the amount AIG will insure you for depends on your age and smoking history when you take out the insurance.
  • If any payment remains unpaid for more than 30 days, we'll stop your insurance and you'll no longer be insured, unless you qualify for the protected insurance amount.
  • Inflation will reduce the spending power of any money paid in the future.
  • If you're purchasing this insurance to cover your funeral expenses, it may not provide enough money to cover the full cost.

Download Over 50s Life Insurance policy documents

We'll send you the insurance summary shortly after applying for insurance. Further information can be found in our downloadable documents below:

Churchill customers are introduced to AIG Life Limited (AIG) by UKI Business Solutions.

AIG policies taken out after 22 July 2019

L&G policies taken out between 1 January 2013 and 20 July 2019

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Over 50s Life Insurance can provide up to £15,000 which you can use however you wish, for example contributing to the cost of your funeral, or providing a gift to family and friends. If you're aged between 50 and 85 (81 for smokers) you're guaranteed to be accepted, and you won't be asked any medical questions when you apply.

The insurance will still pay out when you die if you cancel your policy or stop making monthly payments, as long as you've made at least half of the monthly payments that were due between when your insurance started and your 90th birthday. The amount paid out will be at least half of your original insurance and will depend on when you stopped making monthly payments.

Over 50s Life Insurance lasts for the whole of your life, as long as you keep making monthly payments. At age 90 you'll stop making payments, but your insurance will continue.

A reduced payout will be made if you cancel your insurance or stop making monthly payments, as long as you've paid at least half of the monthly payments that were due between when your insurance started and your 90th birthday.

No, your payments will stay the same throughout the whole policy. On your 90th birthday you'll stop paying but your insurance will continue.

You can take out more than one Over 50s Life Insurance policy, but the maximum combined amount for all your Over 50s Life Insurance policies you hold with AIG is £15,000.

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