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What is a Funeral Benefit Option?

It’s not easy thinking ahead and planning your own funeral, but doing so may help out your loved ones when times are difficult.

When you take out Over 50s Life Insurance with us, you can add the Funeral Benefit Option to your policy at no extra cost.

If you take the Funeral Benefit Option, the cash sum due on your death will be paid directly to Dignity - one of the UK’s leading providers of funeral-related services. Dignity will help your family arrange your funeral during this difficult time.

As an added benefit, Dignity will contribute a further £300 towards your funeral.

Why use Dignity?

  • They have a network of more than 1,200 funeral directors throughout the UK.

  • They’ll donate an additional £300 towards your funeral service.

  • Your family will get experienced help with the funeral arrangements.

  • More than 824,000 people have used them to help plan their funeral, more than any other funeral plan provider.

How does it work?

  • No matter your cause of death, if you die after the first year of taking out life insurance with us, your cash sum will be paid directly to Dignity who’ll arrange your funeral and contribute £300 towards its cost.

  • If you die within a year of taking out life insurance with us, we’ll either pay the cash sum to your estate or next of kin (if your death is due to an accident) or we’ll refund any premiums paid (if your death is due to other reasons). Dignity will still contribute £300 if they arrange your funeral.

  • Your estate or next of kin will need to pay any additional funeral costs if they exceed the combined value of your policy plus Dignity’s £300 contribution. We’ll refund the difference if your funeral costs are lower.

  • If you change your mind at any point and wish to cancel the Funeral Benefit Option, it will be removed from your Over 50s policy. There is no cancellation charge, but you will need to notify Dignity.

  • If your next of kin chooses to cancel the Funeral Benefit Option after you’re gone, the full cash sum from your policy will be paid out. Dignity’s £300 contribution won’t be paid.

  • An information pack, containing full terms and conditions, will be sent in the post within 28 days of applying for the Funeral Benefit Option.

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