No worries with vet fees

We will refund vet fees that you have to pay for treatment for a condition that first started during a period of insurance and the treatment arose during a period of insurance when the premium has been paid under the following conditions.

  1. The most we will pay for each condition is £3,000. This amount includes:

    • Up to £1,000 towards complementary treatments for each condition.
    • Up to £50 towards consultation fees for each separate visit to the vet as a result of the condition.
    • Up to £115 towards additional out of hours fees for each separate out of hours visit needed as a result of the condition.
    • Up to £75 towards histology fees including any handling and interpretation fees.
    • Up to £75 towards cytology fees including any handling and interpretation fees.
    • Up to £40 per session towards hydrotherapy and physiotherapy fees.

    The above treatments, except complementary treatments, apply to the fees charged by your vet. If you seek a second opinion or are referred to a specialist vet for specialist treatment you must contact us. Please refer to Vet Fee exclusion 4f.

    Our maximum payments will include VAT where this is due.

  2. Each condition is only covered for 12 months immediately following the first date of treatment.
  3. We will not pay more than the maximum limit or limits that applied when the condition first started, subject to cover still being in force.
  4. If two or more claims are first believed to be separate conditions but we later recognise them to be a recurring condition, bilateral condition, lump or related condition, we will add up the amounts we have paid for all these claims and not make any more payments during the life of your pet once we have paid up to the limits described above.
  5. Ongoing treatment of a condition that first started under this Pet Insurance policy will only be covered under this policy if it remains in force.
  6. You must provide written notice of all accidents, illness or disease to us within 60 days of them happening.

Discount for more than one pet

Am I able to insure more than one pet on a single policy?

Apply online for a Multipet policy to insure up to 3 pets (this may be cats and dogs) on one policy, with a single set of documents, one policy number and a 10% Multipet discount.

Alternatively, you can apply for a Multipet policy for up to 10 pets, with a 10% Multipet discount, by calling our Pet Customer Service team on 0800 917 7863 .