The dark night returns with burglars striking every four minutes

  • November sees the highest number of claims from burglaries, with one every four minutes
  • Rise in crime coincides with clocks going back and average daylight time reducing by almost two hours compared to October
  • November accounts for one in seven (14 per cent) of all home insurance claims for burglary

New analysis1 from Churchill Home Insurance reveals that as the dark nights return, insurance claims for burglaries increase, with one recorded approximately every four minutes throughout November. Each year, on average, there are 9,800 burglary insurance claims made during November across the UK. This increase in crime coincides with the clocks going back, with November seeing just 8 hours and 39 minutes of sunlight every day, nearly two hours less than the average for October (10 hours, 31 minutes).

Claims analysis reveals a direct correlation between the number of burglaries and hours of daylight, showing that as the hours of daylight contract the volume of burglaries increase. November sees an average of 325 burglary insurance claims per day, 37 per cent higher than claims in July when there are on average 238 claims per day. However, some burglars do seem to take time off over the festive season as December sees nearly 700 less burglaries than November.

The number of burglary claims made each November is 18 per cent higher than the UK's annual daily average. As a result, November also accounts for one in seven (14 per cent) of home insurance claims for burglary.

Table one: Monthly insurance claims trends for burglaries

Month Average daylight hours Burglaries per month Average burglaries per day
November 08:39 9,765 325
October 10:31 9,105 294
December 07:38 9,066 292
January 08:12 8,813 284
February 09:51 8,329 297
March 11:52 8,300 268
September 12:36 7,857 262
August 14:37 7,691 248
April 13:57 7,630 254
May 15:48 7,626 246
June 16:47 7,435 248
July 16:16 7,386 238
All UK   99,033 209

Source: Churchill Home Insurance 2018

Martin Scott, head of Churchill home insurance said: "This analysis highlights the importance of being extra vigilant as we approach the winter months, with burglars preferring to operate under the cover of darkness. As the nights draw in, it's important to take extra security precautions to make life as hard as possible for intruders, including; installing security lights, a home alarm system or smart door bell so you can keep an eye on your home even when you are out and about. It's also important to check your doors, windows and garden gates are locked before you leave the house and keep valuables out of sight.

"Just in case the worst does happen it's important to ensure you have adequate home contents and buildings cover in place. Our policies not only cover the cost of replacement belongings, but our burglary response team are on hand to replace broken locks, secure smashed windows and board up broken door panels 24/7 to ensure our customers feel safe in their homes as soon as possible2 after a break-in."

Regional findings

The average number of claims in London each November are the highest of anywhere in the UK, at more than 1,673. The lowest number of claims were in Northern Ireland at 99 claims in November, closely followed by the North East with 171 claims. In London, claims rise by 29 per cent on average each November and in the East Midlands by 25 per cent.

Table two: Regional breakdown of burglary claims in November

Region Number of claims in the month of November Average number of burglary claims in November compared to overall UK average per annum
London 1,673 29%
South East 1,214 18%
North West 1,135 11%
East of England 1,018 23%
East Midlands 956 25%
West Midlands 917 21%
Yorkshire & The Humber 906 10%
South West 717 23%
Scotland 661 9%
Wales 295 10%
North East 171 -9%
Northern Ireland 99 30%

Source: Churchill Home Insurance 2018

Notes to Editor

  • 1 Churchill analysis of theft claims data for the period January 2013 – December 2017. Analysis conducted in October 2018. Total figures calculated based on Direct Line Group's market share.
  • 2 Churchill's 24/7 burglary response ensures that day or night an engineer will be available to temporarily secure damaged windows and doors. Excludes Highlands and Islands. Policy and Cover limits apply. Underwritten by UK Insurance Ltd.

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