Churchill Insurance DriveSure Telematics Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to your participation of DriveSure Telematics and form part of your insurance contract, alongside other documents such as the policy booklet and schedule. Please make sure you retain a copy for future reference.

You should also read the Privacy Notice provided within your policy documents, as it explains how we will use the data that you provide us and that we collect from you. Information on How to make a complaint, Fraud Prevention and Access to your information can also be found with your policy documents.

These apply to you and anyone who uses your car so please make sure you all read and accept these Terms and Conditions. You will all be bound by them as data will be collected and transmitted any time the box is switched on throughout our agreement.


Wherever the following words or expressions appear in these Terms and Conditions, they have the meaning given here unless we say differently.

Analytics Supplier - a specialist company which collects and analyses data on our behalf.

Awards - milestones to mark your achievements as a safe driver.

Data - information we collect from you including personal details such as your name, date of birth, email address and your driving behaviour and the driving behaviour of anyone who drives your car. This will include information such as the date, time, location, duration, speed, distance, start, finish and direction of travel, for each journey where the telematics device used in your car is switched on. It also includes information we collect from your car's engine management and electronic systems and your car's location.

DriveSure - the Churchill Telematics insurance scheme, underwritten by U K Insurance Limited.

Driving Score - (also referred to as Score) is our assessment of your driving behaviour and is used to determine your Awards.

Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) port - a socket in your car, which is used by engineers to identify faults with your car.

Period of Insurance - as shown on the certificate of motor insurance or schedule.

Policy - your Churchill Car Insurance.

Portal - the website where you can access your individual driving information via (also referred to as DriveSure Portal).

Supplier(s) - our Technology Supplier or Analytics Supplier.

Technology Supplier(s) - companies that work with U K Insurance Limited to provide and/or install telematics devices. Our technology suppliers collect and transmit data to us when telematics devices are switched on and may analyse that data on our behalf.

Telematics Device (Self-installed /Plug-in) - the small box which you fit into the OBD port of your car that collects and transmits data to us. It is also referred to as 'Self-installed' or 'Plug-in'. The telematics device shall, at all times, remain our property.

Telematics Device (Installer-fitted) - the box which has been fitted to your car by a professional installer (as opposed to the Plug-in), which is also referred to as 'Installer-fitted'. It collects and transmits data to us. The telematics device shall, at all times, remain our property.

Telematics Device – either a Plug-in device or an Installer-fitted device, depending on your chosen car.

We, Us, Our - U K Insurance Limited.

You, Your - our customer or prospective customer.

Your car - the car in which the telematics device is used.

Use of the telematics device

The telematics device must be fitted to your car as soon as possible after receipt and must be installed when your policy starts. If you receive a self-installed telematics device we cannot accept liability for damage to your car caused by your installation.

You must not unplug or interfere with the DriveSure telematics device or we may cancel your policy.

If the telematics device is not installed within 28 days or if we don’t receive signal from your device for 28 continuous days we reserve the right to cancel your policy. This may affect your ability to purchase insurance in the future.

Once your device is installed and you have registered on the portal you will be able to access your data (your Score and Awards) via the DriveSure Portal via

If you no longer have the car or you change your car

  • If you no longer have your car or you have changed your car which has a telematics device, you must call us immediately and before the new keeper takes possession, in order to stop future collection of data from your previously owned car.
  • If you have a self-installed device you are responsible for removing it.
  • If you change your car and you wish to continue your participation in DriveSure and you have a self-installed device you will need to fit it into the OBD port of your new car. If your existing device is not compatible with your new car you will receive a new one that is compatible with your car.
  • If you have an installer-fitted telematics device it will be de-activated and a new device, compatible with your new car will be sent to you.


  • If you wish to cancel your participation in DriveSure, you will need to call us.
  • If you have a self-installed device please return the telematics device using the pre-paid postage label provided. If you don't have the label, please email we will issue a new one.
  • We will stop collecting data from the telematics device within 14 working days of you notifying us. If you do not inform us, the telematics device will continue to collect data and send it to us.
  • If you have a self-installed device you can unplug the device from your car's OBD port in order to stop the data feed.


You will continue your participation in DriveSure unless you decide to cancel, not to renew your insurance or choose to be removed from DriveSure.

Your renewal invite will advise if your policy will be automatically renewed or if you need to call us.

If we are unable to offer renewal terms for DriveSure we will contact you ahead of your renewal date by writing to you at your last known address to let you know.


If you are eligible for a DriveSure introductory discount it will apply from the point that you add Telematics on to your policy and is only applicable for that period of insurance. At renewal your premium will be assessed and may go up or down depending on various factors, including your driving data.

Keeping in touch


As part of your participation in DriveSure you may receive useful feedback emails or SMS, which are designed to help you to improve your driving. They will also help you keep track of your score. In some cases we may also call you to give you more personal feedback on how you can improve your score. You can also view this information on the DriveSure Portal via

Accident detection

In the event that the telematics device registers a possible accident; you may be contacted by our claims department by telephone to collect details.

Nothing contained in the above negates the requirement for you to report all accidents to us.