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  • DriveSure Car Insurance

    You could save money with our black box plug-in

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DriveSure: Black box car insurance from Churchill

The DriveSure plug-in is Churchill’s black box insurance offering. Also known as telematics insurance, it lets us understand how you drive and helps you save money.

Fit our DriveSure box into your car and we’ll give young drivers (under 26) with a full driving licence an upfront discount. Using a technology called telematics, we can analyse how you drive and offer you a car insurance premium based on what you do – or don’t do – behind the wheel.

The safer you are, the more you’ll save at your next renewal.

How does DriveSure work?

Get the box

Take out a DriveSure policy and we’ll send you a plug-in. Follow the simple instructions to plug it in and you’re good to go.

Get on the road

As you drive, the DriveSure plug-in will analyse how you’re doing. It looks out for things like speed, smooth driving (acceleration/braking), roads you drive on, length of journey and time of day.

Get feedback

You can log in to the DriveSure portal to check your driving score and see where you could be doing better.

Get money off

You may be eligible for a discount at renewal. If you drive safely and get a high score, you’ll be rewarded with a discount when you renew your insurance. The higher you score, the less you’ll pay.

How do I apply for telematics insurance?

A DriveSure Plug-in policy can save young drivers (under 26) on their car insurance

  • When you take out a car insurance policy with Churchill, you’ll be asked to opt-in to a DriveSure telematics policy.
  • If you’re 25 or under and you’ve passed your test you may be eligible for a discount, which will be applied to your quote.
  • Further discounts are available at the end of the year dependant on score.
  • Once you’ve completed the purchase, your postman will deliver the plug-in. It’s easy to fit, and no tools or special skills are needed.
  • DriveSure is for cars built in 1996 or later.
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The DriveSure Portal

This is where you can view your journey history and see your latest driving score.

From the portal, you’ll be able to:

  • See the telematics data on how you drive
  • Find out more about your driving score
  • Get information on your journey so far
  • Check your car’s battery health

The DriveSure portal helps you become a safer driver.

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Good to know…

Who sees my driving data?

A small controlled group of U K Insurance Limited staff as well as approved suppliers who help keep DriveSure running. No information that identifies you as an individual will be shared with organisations outside U K Insurance Limited and our approved suppliers. You’ll be able to track your own data on the DriveSure Portal on


The black box is remarkably accurate and gives us a very clear picture of your driving behaviour such as speed, location and time of day. We use your driving data when calculating your driving score. We encourage everyone to drive in accordance with the Highway Code. To find out more, head to our frequently asked questions.

To find out more about Churchill black box car insurance, visit our frequently asked questions page.

View the complete terms and conditions here.