Optional extras

Take a look at our optional extras for Pet insurance

All optional extras are subject to conditions, limits and exclusions.

Third party liability for dogs

If your dog accidently injures someone else or causes damage to their property, you'll be covered up to £1 million for any compensation or legal costs involved. For each claim made, you'll need to pay £100 excess. If you already have liability cover under another policy (e.g. as part of your home insurance), we'll only accept your claim if that existing cover has been used up.

Overseas travel cover

In addition to the cover you've selected, here's what you'll be covered for on an overseas journey:

  • Up to £200 towards costs if your pet needs to be put to sleep
  • Up to £250 towards replacing your pet's passport if you lose it
  • Up to £300 towards emergency expenses involving your pet while abroad
  • Up to £1,500 towards costs if your pet needs to be quarantined
  • Cover towards repeat tapeworm treatment if your carrier delays your journey home

Cover is valid for three overseas journey a year (up to 30 days each), and only when you follow the guidelines of the Government Pet Travel Scheme

Please note, we don't offer third party liability cover under the laws of Canada or USA.

5 in 1 benefits package

Death from accidental injury or illness
If your dog or cat dies following an injury, we'll cover the amount you paid for them (up to £500). We’ll also do the same if they die from an illness, providing your pet isn’t aged 11 or older.

Advertising and reward
We'll cover up to £1,000 towards local advertising expenses or any suitable rewards offered that help get your pet back after it's been stolen or goes missing during your policy with us.

Loss of pet from theft or straying
If your stolen or lost pet is still missing after 45 days, we'll cover the amount you paid for them (up to £500). If you can't provide proof of your purchase, we'll pay the minimum amount (£35 for cats, £70 for dogs).

Boarding fees if you have to stay in hospital
If you need to stay in hospital for more than four days in a row, we'll pay up to £750 towards the cost of having your pet looked after by a licensed kennel, cattery or professional pet-minding service.

Holiday cancellation cover
If your pet goes missing or needs life-saving treatment while you're away (or within seven days before your trip), we'll cover up to £3,000 for any expenses related to cancelling or cutting your holiday short.

Here's our latest pet insurance documents available for you to download. if you already have pet insurance with us, the wording in your policy might differ from the one you'll find here.