Your Car Insurance Company

One factor that influences your insurance premium is the insurance group that your car falls into. One model can be spread across a number of groups depending on its exact specification and features. So don’t assume that the same make and model will always be in the same car insurance group.

Some of the factors used to calculate car insurance group ratings are:

  • Cost of parts
    The lower the cost of parts to repair a car, the more likelihood there is of a lower group rating.
  • Repair times
    The longer it takes to repair a car, the more it costs and it’s more likely to fall in a higher car insurance group.
  • New car values
    Cars with a higher specification cost more to buy as new.
  • Performance
    Acceleration and top speed are important factors. Our claims statistics show that high performance cars result in more frequent insurance claims.
  • Security
    Alarms, immobilisers and locking devices fitted as standard by motor manufacturers can help to reduce the cost of insurance claims.