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Woman sitting listening to her headphones at home

Why you should check the electrical appliances in your home

We've put together some simple tips and advice for keeping your home safe from electrical fires. From not overloading your extension leads to watching out for common hazards, we've got the guidance to keep you safe.
Baby at safety gate

How to child-proof your home

Churchill looks at ways to help you spot hidden hazards and keep your children safe at home.
A fire burns in a fire pit.

How to stay fire-safe in your garden

With summer just around the corner, here's our top tips on how to barbecue safely in your garden.

Plumber holding pipe

What you should do if there’s a leak in your home

Follow Churchill's top tips on how to deal with a leak and minimise damage in your home.
A clean and crisp white bathroom suite.

Tips to fit a new bathroom

Fitting a new bathroom can be a great way to breathe new life into a tired room, but you'll want to be sure you go about it the right way. As you'll find out, it's a little more complicated than picking out a new three-piece suite.
Spot subsidence

How to spot subsidence

How to look out for subsidence in your home and know which steps you should take.
cheaper home insurance

Top tips for buying cheaper home insurance

How can you save money when buying home insurance?
holiday home security

How to secure your home while you're on holiday

Read our top tips to keep you home secure while you're on holiday.
A rat is seen lurking under some furniture.

Five ways you could invalidate your home insurance cover

You may not know that there are some things that can invalidate your cover. To help make sure this doesn't happen to you, we've put together a list of the most common ways this can happen.