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saving money driving

How to save money while saving the planet

Read our tips to be a greener driver, while saving money in the process.
Plumber holding pipe

What you should do if there’s a leak in your home

Follow Churchill's top tips on how to deal with a leak and minimise damage in your home.
car checks

Car maintenance checks you can do yourself

In between your MOT, learn how to stay on top of your car's maintenance.


Woman sitting listening to her headphones at home

Why you should check the electrical appliances in your home

We've put together some simple tips and advice for keeping your home safe from electrical fires. From not overloading your extension leads to watching out for common hazards, we've got the guidance to keep you safe.
A toolbox with its contents spilling out.

Quick home maintenance tips

When it comes to looking after your home, spotting any big repairs early could save you time and money. Take a look at our handy tips on how you can keep your home in good condition.
Baby at safety gate

How to child-proof your home

Churchill looks at ways to help you spot hidden hazards and keep your children safe at home.
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Invalidate car insurance

What can invalidate your car insurance policy?

Don't invalidate your car insurance policy. Find out the most common ways drivers invalidate their car insurance.
car insurance glossary

Car insurance glossary

Do you know all the car insurance lingo? Get to know these terms to make reading your policy documents a bit easier.
A car fitted with winter tyres drives in the snow.

Are winter tyres worth it?

It's not a legal requirement in the UK, so is it worth switching your tyres for the winter months?
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camping holidays

All you need to know about camping holidays

Do you know what equipment you need? And where to go? We've got the information you need when considering a camping holiday.
pet behaviour

Tips to improve your pet's behaviour

From walking best practice to curbing destruction in the house, how can you keep your pets under control?
A flower in the centre of a table at a funeral director's.

How to get help with funeral costs

When suffering a loss, the last thing anyone wants to be thinking about is money. But funerals are getting more expensive, and it's something families can struggle to pay for. Many of them don't realise what help is available for funeral costs.
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