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Car insurance glossary

Updated on: 1 April 2021

car insurance glossary

Car insurance can be confusing, so here's a glossary of car insurance-related terms which should help you understand any documents you receive.

This should only be taken as guidance and you should seek clarification from your insurer when necessary.

Parts or products specifically designed to be fitted to your vehicle. Some accessories may be treated as modifications, so please tell your insurer about any alterations to your vehicle.

Approved repairer
A repairer approved and authorised by your insurer to repair your vehicle following a claim.

Approved windscreen supplier
A repairer approved and authorised by your insurer to repair or replace your windscreen.

Certificate of Motor Insurance
This document provides evidence that you have taken out the insurance you must have by law. It identifies who can drive your vehicle and the purposes for which your vehicle can be used.

The amount you must pay towards any claim.

Market value
The cost of replacing your vehicle with another of the same make and model and of a similar age and condition at the time of the accident or loss.

Motor Proposal Confirmation
The document recording the statements made and information you gave or which was given for you when you bought your policy.

Your husband, wife, civil partner or someone you are living with as if you are married to them.

The policy booklet, Schedule, Motor Proposal Confirmation and Certificate of Motor Insurance.

The document which identifies the policyholder and sets out details of the cover your policy provides.

All terms, exceptions, conditions and limits which apply to your policy.

Track day
When your vehicle is driven on a racing track, an airfield or at an off-road event.

Any form of trailer which has been specially built to be towed by a vehicle.

Your vehicle
Any private motor vehicle insured under your policy and described in the Certificate of Motor Insurance.

You, your
The person named as the policyholder in the Schedule.

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