Five easy ways to get cheaper car insurance

Most insurers claim to offer cheap car insurance and with so many comparison sites too it can be hard to know where to turn. Follow our 5 top tips to try to bring your premiums down.

Build up your no claims bonus

Most insurers will reward you for careful driving. So if you’ve not made a claim on your car insurance, they’ll offer a discount on your premium.

It’s a way of making sure your insurance reflects your risk. At Churchill you can earn up to 65% discount on your premium if you’ve held car insurance for over 5 years without making a claim.

Consider your named drivers

Adding named drivers to your policy can increase your premium so think carefully before putting too many people on your insurance.

Think about who is realistically going to need to use your car and only add them if you need to. If someone’s named on your policy but never uses the car, it’s an expense you don’t need to have.

It’s also a good idea to avoid adding young drivers to your policy. Statistically, young drivers are more likely to make a claim, so their premiums tend to be higher. Adding them to your policy it could increase the cost substantially.

Increase your voluntary excess

As well as a compulsory excess – an amount you’ll need to contribute towards any claims you make on your car insurance – you’ll also have a voluntary excess.

This is an extra amount on top of the compulsory excess that you’ll be willing to contribute to settle any claim you make.

Generally speaking, the higher your excess, the lower your premium will be. So if you’re a careful driver, above 21 years old and haven’t made many claims on your insurance it could be worth increasing the voluntary excess to reduce your premium.

Buy a car with a smaller engine

One of the key factors in deciding the cost of your car insurance is the type of car you drive, and particularly the type of engine it has.

Faster cars tend to be more of a risk on the road and make up a larger proportion of insurance claims. So most insurers may charge you less to insure a less powerful car.

A car with a 2l engine for example will usually be more expensive to insure than one with a 1.2l engine.

So try cutting the cost of your insurance by swapping your car for a more modest one with a smaller engine.