Classic car insurance

If you own a classic car you’ll want to take care of it and keep it in great condition. Classic and vintage owners tend to take their cars pretty seriously and they understand how important maintenance is.

Good quality replacement parts can be expensive and difficult to track down, particularly for older vehicles. But with the right kind of cover you can enjoy driving in the knowledge that you’re insured against risks and potential costs.

What’s covered?

Classic and vintage cars tend to be driven less often than modern cars. This means basic premiums for these vehicles can often be lower. However, you might need to pay for additional cover, like breakdown, legal expenses and a replacement vehicle if needed, separately.

You may also want to get an ‘agreed valuation’, so that if the car is written off you will receive a set guaranteed payout.

Some of the factors that can influence a classic car premium are:

  • a car’s age
  • make and model
  • engine size
  • miles on the clock

But, insurance coverage and premiums vary from policy to policy. Some insurers might require your classic car to be a second car, or for it to be of a certain age, for example. And some may allow you to drive your car in rallies.

What about a No Claim Discount?

In general, classic car insurance premiums do not have a no claim bonus or discount component. This means it’s even more important to make sure you find a competitive provider, and to review your insurance from time to time.

And remember, you may be able to negotiate a cheaper premium if you keep your car in a garage or otherwise secure area, or by choosing a limited mileage policy.

How can I get a classic car insurance quote?

It’s easy to get a quote for classic car insurance online. You’ll just need to give a few details to get an idea of what you’ll need to pay.

And if you’re member of a classic car enthusiasts’ club, your club may have a relationship with an insurer who can offer you a discount on your cover.