Save money on insurance

A happy, healthy car needs a bit more than a weekly visit to the petrol station and a monthly wash and polish. But armed with our tips on running a car you’ll be able to carry out basic and preventative maintenance yourself, saving you money at the garage.

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There are several ways to reduce your monthly insurance premium.

Get your children their own insurance policy rather than adding them to yours. They will build up no-claims discounts and save money in the long term, and you won’t be risking your No Claims bonus.

Limiting the number of miles you drive and/or agreeing to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim will bring the cost of your insurance down.

Off-street parking, alarms, immobilisers, trackers and other security devices can incur insurance discounts – always ask your insurer for details. Notify them about the security features of your car and consider investing in increased security for extra long-term savings.

Many insurance policies offer discounts to holders of an Advanced Driving licence, so consider enrolling in a course. You won’t just become a better driver; you’ll pay less for your car insurance.