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Why is an advanced driving test a good idea?

Updated on: 3 March 2021

advanced driving test

While the standard driving test may seem rigorous, it doesn’t cover many of the driving conditions you'll encounter once you pass. You're not tested on motorway driving or driving at night, for example.

Reducing error

Driver error of some kind is a factor in 95% of road accidents, RoSPA statistics show. Therefore, it makes sense that improving your driving skill is one way to reduce the chances of you or anyone else being hurt in an accident.

The Advanced Driver course is run by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), and other organisations also run their own tests.

The principles of advanced driving

The IAM course uses Roadcraft, a system of car control first pioneered and applied by the Metropolitan Police. Roadcraft teaches a way of driving that allows you to approach all situations and negotiate hazards on the road in a methodical and flexible way. 

If you learn the system efficiently:

  • your handling skills will be properly co-ordinated

  • your observation will improve

  • your driving will be smooth and safe

  • you’ll drive with little bounce or roll on the road, making it comfortable for passengers

  • wear and tear on your vehicle will be reduced, as your driving will be smoother

  • Preparing for the advanced test

  • assessment of your driving abilities

  • insight into your bad driving habits

  • training from experienced advanced drivers

  • support to help you prepare for the test

  • convenient arrangements for training sessions

  • Some groups also offer social activities as well


Driving like this has the added benefit of using fuel in the most economical way, so it will also save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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