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Tips on fitting accessories to your car

Updated on: 23 September 2020

Man putting bike on roof rack

Your car is probably one of your most important possessions that you use every day. And so it’s understandable if you want to help improve its performance or customise what it looks like. But before you do this, tell your insurer about the changes (modifications) you want to make. This includes tinted windows, adding a body kit or even a new suspension.

It’s worth bearing in mind that anything you do could affect the cost of your insurance. If you go ahead without checking with your insurance company, your cover could be void.

Fitting accessories to the outside of your car

Even if it’s only a few times a year or a temporary fix, adding accessories to the outside of your car may still be considered a modification, so make sure you know where you stand.

Choosing roof boxes, racks and tow bars

They’re perfect for adding storage space if you go on regular road trips or family holidays. To help reduce the risk of having a serious road accident, follow the fitting instructions, and if you get stuck, use a professional fitting service. 

Here are our safety tips when fitting them yourself:

  • Stick to the limits of how much your car can carry at one time
  • Make sure your bike(s) don’t hide any of your number plate – if they do you’ll need to fit a light board
  • Double-check that fastenings and locks are 100% secure before and after long journeys
  • Keep in mind that roof boxes, racks and accessories may affect the movement of your car, especially when driving in high winds and on motorways
  • Remember that anything on your roof may increase the height of your car in view, so avoid driving through or under low-level bridges
  • Remove racks when you’re not using them to reduce your petrol consumption

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