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How much is your car worth?

Updated on: 2 March 2021

A car's mileage is shown.

You probably remember how much you paid for your car, but working out how much it's worth when you come to sell it can be tricky.

Here’s our guide to help you value your car.

As a starter, we recommend using one of the online car price guides to find out the base ‘market’ price for your car. Whatcar? and Parkers both have comprehensive price guides.

Check the price of any cars like yours that may already be on sale, and avoid setting a price that’s too high or too low.

The condition and mileage of a car will affect the price. If your car has done fewer miles than average for its age and is in better than average condition, then you can increase the sale price. However, if the mileage is higher than average, you may have to reduce the selling price accordingly to encourage interest from would be buyers.

You also need to be realistic about the condition of your car. If it has any visible damage, you will have to adjust the selling price accordingly.

As for special and limited edition models, don't expect them to sell for much more than the regular model unless they come packed with desirable extra equipment or accessories.

You should also be aware of waiting lists for newer models of your car, meaning you might be able to increase the selling price and still attract buyers who don’t wish to wait in queue.

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