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Keep your kids entertained on a road trip

Updated on: 23 September 2020

keeping kids entertained

Are we there yet?

So, you’re about to set off on a family road trip (eek).  

Let that daunting prospect of a potential riot in the back be a thing of the past. These tips should help create a happier experience when it comes to taking kids on a long car journey.

1. Check your car

Trust us. Breaking down with kids in the car isn’t much fun. Give your car the once over before setting off. Check your oil levels and tyres to make sure everything’s in good order. At least then you can start the journey with a little peace of mind.  

2. Plan your route

Let’s go on the assumption that you won’t want to extend the journey any more than necessary. Avoid getting lost by carefully planning your route and regularly checking the traffic news. Green Flag’s free route planner is a good place to start.

3. Add stops into your journey

Planning regular stops into your route offers plenty of toilet break opportunities and a chance to stretch those legs. Stopping often should also prevent anyone from getting restless on the journey and can help avoid accidents (of all kinds).

4. Bring entertainment

The trick is to make sure there’s always something for the kids to do. This doesn’t just mean bringing iPads, electronic games and audiobooks (although these can help), but inventing imaginative games that you can all play together on the journey.

5. Pack snacks

Don’t risk the kids getting hangry. Bring some food and drink with you, just in case you’re unable to stop for a while when their dreaded hunger strikes. 

6. Take essentials

Bring blankets and layers for when it’s cold, or a handheld fan to cool down if it’s hot. And simple things like wet wipes or tissues could make the difference between a small spill and a very uncomfortable journey.

7. Consider travelling at night

If the kids are comfortable and can sleep, the journey will go much quicker for them at night (and allows less time for boredom). If you need to travel during the day, aim for a good night sleep beforehand so that everyone can start in a positive mood.

8. Play mellow music

There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned family singalong, but some slower and softer tunes should come in handy for when it’s time to calm down.  

These are just a few road trip ideas to help you get started. The more you travel with your kids, the more you can tailor it towards them. Just remember to drive safely and be sure you’re fully covered with car insurance for those times when things don’t go to plan.    

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