Finding finance

Buying a car can sometimes be confusing. To help you get the best deal on the right car for you, we’ve put together some tips and checklists to help you through the car buying process.

First of all, deciding how to finance your new car is important. Choose the wrong interest rate, deposit or admin fee options and you could be left out of pocket.

If you start thinking about how you will want to finance the car at the start of the car buying process you can research the market and compare current interest rates to discover which dealers are offering the best packages.

Speak to the car manufacturers for details of any current promotions. Customers can be enticed by interest-free payment plans, low APRs and deposit contributions, all of which can save you money.

When comparing offers, it’s important to remember to check all the details and not just the rate or the monthly repayments. The key figure you need to look out for is the total repayable amount. This will let you see exactly how much the finance is going to cost you in the long term.

Good dealers will provide you with a written quote upon request so get everything you’ve agreed in writing. This will help you to compare different offers at home, and confirm an offer later.

Always shop around – the car dealer is not necessarily the best place to get your finance.

Any good salesman will not offer you their best deal straight away. Remember to haggle!

Don’t sign anything you don’t understand. If anything is unclear, don’t be embarrassed to ask for clarification before committing to a decision.

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