Maintenance Tips

A happy, healthy car needs a bit more than a weekly visit to the petrol station and a monthly wash and polish. But armed with our tips on running a car you’ll be able to carry out basic and preventative maintenance yourself, saving you money at the garage.

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Cars are complex, but by following basic maintenance advice you can keep it on the road, keep it safe and reduce your spend at the local garage.

  • When you notice a problem and you can’t fix it yourself, take it to a workshop.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s service schedule.
  • An MOT test only confirms that a car is safe on the day of the test. Deal with problems as soon as they arise.
  • Test your lights against a wall regularly to confirm they’re in full working order.
  • At least once a month, check the pressure of all your tyres (spare included) according to the handbook recommendations.
  • Keep the various liquids you car needs (screen wash, oil, water, coolant, power steering, clutch and brake fluid levels) topped up.
  • Check oil levels while parked on level ground.
  • If your windscreen wipers are smearing, replace them, otherwise you’ll find it difficult driving in the rain.
  • Your screen wash should spray onto your windscreen, not over the top of the car. Use a pin to adjust the direction of spray.
  • Make sure you carry out all the recommended steps for preparing your car for winter (refer to your manual for guidance).