Car showroom tips

Buying a car can be confusing. To help you get the best deal on the right car for you, we’ve put together some tips and checklists to help you through the car buying process and here we take a look at car showrooms.

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Never forget, when you walk in to a car showroom you are very much the salesman’s territory. Salesmen may have their own agenda, the car they want to sell or the price they want for it for example so you must stay focused. Try not to be distracted by the patter and follow these basic rules:

  • Be truthful when asked questions and always think about why you want the car and what you will be using it for.
  • Ask the salesman questions and listen to their advice, but don’t be distracted from what you want or talked in to anything you don’t want.
  • Don’t be intimidated. Remember that the salesman probably needs your business more than you need to buy the car from him.

When it’s time to discuss specifics and the price, the salesman may pass you onto the Sales Manager, who will try dazzling you with in-car entertainment and other extra options. His job is to make you spend as much as possible. Remember your budget and stick to it.

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