Car insurance – Drive green and save money

Cars are an essential part of life for many of us. Simple, everyday trips like taking the kids to school or doing the weekly shop could become quite an ordeal without one but by driving greener, you may find some hidden benefits.

Helping the environment isn’t the only positive part of driving greener. If you burn less fuel, you need to buy less petrol. So you can save money and save the planet.

We’d also like to save you some time by giving you some easy tips for reducing your fuel consumption.

Remove roof racks
Roof racks and boxes cause drag and your car’s engine will have to work harder to move the car if a roof rack or box is in place.
Shut the windows
Open windows and sun roofs also cause drag and result in the engine working harder and burning more fuel.
Turn off the air con
Air conditioning in a car relies on the engine working harder to support it. Turn off the air con when you don’t need it.
Check your tyre pressure
If your tyres aren’t inflated to the correct pressure, they could be causing more fuel to be burnt as they drag on the roads.
Car share
Try not to take more cars than are necessary. Share cars and take it in turns to pick each other up.
Consider economical cars
When the time comes for you to sell your car and look for another one, consider more economical models. It could save a lot of money in the long run.
Slow down
The faster you drive the more fuel you use. Slow down and cut your fuel usage.
Group your journeys
Rather than going out, coming home and going out again, group your journeys together to cut down on the time you’re out on the roads. It takes more energy to get a car moving once it’s stopped and you may even find you save on your car insurance by cutting down on your average annual mileage.
Avoid rush hour
Rather than leaving home and sitting in traffic for hours, leave a little earlier or later if possible and try to miss the rush hour. As well as reducing your journey time and so reducing your fuel consumption, you’ll also arrive a little less stressed.
If you’re not going far why not leave the car at home? Not only will you be saving fuel, but walking is brilliant exercise too.