Car insurance – are we nearly there yet?

With Churchill you’re in experienced hands and our dedication to you doesn’t stop at just supplying your Car Insurance. We’re committed to finding ways to help you enjoy your car and here we’re giving you some tips and reminders for a happier experience of taking the children on a long car journey.

So next time you’re setting off, your Car Insurance is covered, your route’s set and you’ve given the house a final once-over, the daunting prospect of a riot in the back will be a thing of the past and you’ll be prepared for just about anything. Happy driving!

  1. Keep them entertained
    Try to provide games, story CDs and books so there’s always something to do.
  2. Stop off often
    Stop off for a toilet break and to stretch your legs regularly to avoid everyone getting restless.
  3. Take some food/drink
    Don’t risk the children getting upset because they’re hungry or thirsty. Take some snacks and drinks with you in case you’re unable to stop for a while.
  4. Take the essentials
    Being prepared and taking things like tissues could make the difference between a small spill and a very uncomfortable journey.
  5. Make it comfortable
    Provide blankets and layers if it’s cold and a way of cooling down if it’s hot.
  6. Day travel
    The night before you travel, make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep so you’re all in a positive mood.
  7. Night travel
    If the kids are comfortable and can sleep, the journey will go much quicker for them and allow less time to get bored.
  8. Soft music
    Play some soft, slow music which will have a calming effect. There’s nothing wrong with rock classic singalongs but some lower tempo tunes may come in handy when it’s time to calm down.
  9. Plan your route
    Avoid getting lost and increasing the journey time by carefully planning your route and checking the traffic news before you leave. You can plan your journey using Green Flag’s free and easy to use route planner.
  10. Check your car
    Give your car the once over before you set off. Make sure everything is in good order (like the oil level and tyre pressure) to reduce the risk of a breakdown.
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