When things go wrong with a new car

Buying a car can be confusing. To help you get the best deal on the right car for you, we’ve put together some useful tips and checklists to help you through the car buying process.

Here we look at some simple rules to follow when things go wrong and your new car isn’t as expected.

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If there’s something wrong with a car you’ve just bought, you need to act quickly. To avoid being stuck with a bad car just follow these simple tips.

Always keep all records and paperwork – you may need to refer to it.

If you think that the car is not as advertised then let the seller know before you accept ownership of the car. If you’re buying privately then it might be more difficult to negotiate an agreement, so it’s all the more important to check the car out thoroughly before making an offer.

Private sales aren’t covered by the Sale of Goods Act, but you can still take legal action against the seller if their description of the car was misleading.

To reject the car formally, you should do it writing within two weeks. This will give you the best chance of a full refund, or of success in court should the case go that far. Send a letter to the seller informing them of your intention.

A garage may offer free extras or discounts as compensation. Make sure you think any offer is fair before accepting.