Accidental Damage cover

If the thought of spilling red wine over your new cream carpet sends you into a meltdown it might be a good idea to check out our Accidental Damage cover.

It means you can take a deep breath and know that the problem will be taken care of.

While Churchill buildings insurance and contents insurance covers your home against disasters like fire, flood, vandalism and burglary, Accidental Damage cover goes even further.

Accidents happen, but we have two types of Accidental Damage cover that stop them becoming a problem: Accidental Damage cover for buildings and Accidental Damage cover for contents. For an additional premium you can add either of these or both to your policy.

Accidental Damage cover for buildings
This covers mishaps such as breaking a glass cooker top or hammering through the floorboards into a water or gas pipe.
Accidental Damage for contents
This covers accidents such as spilling paint on the sofa or carpet or breaking a glass coffee table.

Accidental Damage cover doesn’t insure things for wear and tear, so if the fabric of your much-loved sofa eventually gives way and rips, you can’t claim for that.

Other things that aren’t covered include electrical equipment that stops working for no reason, damage caused by pets and accidental damage to things that are taken outside your home. A full list of all the exclusions can be found in our home insurance policy booklet.

If you think Accidental Damage cover might be useful for you and your family, give us a quick call on 0800 032 7199 and we’ll sort out a quote.