What is Personal Possessions Cover?

Items you take outside of your home aren't automatically covered by contents insurance, but that's where Personal Possessions cover comes in.

It will insure your personal belongings against loss, accidental damage or theft when you step out the front door and is a valuable addition to your policy for things like:

  • Mobile phones
  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Laptops
  • Bicycles
  • Wallets and purses

Bicycles worth more than £500 and other items worth more than £2,000 will need to be listed individually.

Your things are covered anywhere in the British Isles, and up to 60 days abroad. Personal Possessions cover also includes up to £500 cover for lost or stolen cash.

How much do I need?

You'll be covered up to £2,500, but it might be worth paying a bit more to increase the value if you need to. To figure out if this is necessary, it's best to think about which of your family's possessions are taken out of the house and how much these items are worth. Don't forget to add things like glasses, cameras, tablets and clothes to the list.

What is not covered?

General wear and tear and mechanical and electrical breakdowns are not covered, but a full list showing what's not insured can be found in our policy documents. It includes things like:

  • Camping equipment while in use and in the open
  • Credit cards
  • Theft from a vehicle (unless the item was hidden)
  • Damage to sports equipment when in use
  • Business equipment like tools or mobile phones