Draining waterlogged ceilings

If a pipe has burst or the roof has leaked and you’ve got water gathering in the ceiling, you can help limit further damage by following a few straightforward steps. Just watch the short video, or see the steps shown below.

Download the help guide (viewable in pdf, file size 352 KB)

Steps required

  1. Step one

    Turn the water supply off at the stopcock, and the electrics off at the mains.

  2. Step two

    Get a bucket and put it underneath where the plaster is bulging.

  3. Step three

    Take a screwdriver or broom handle and taking care to avoid any electrical wiring, puncture the ceiling above the bucket so the water can come through. This will help stop the ceiling from sagging and causing more damage. Instead you might only be left with a small hole to fill once the ceiling has dried out.

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