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How you can protect your car against fraud

Updated on: 23 September 2020

A car has been involved in a crash scam.

Car accidents are bad news. They cause damage to vehicles, they cost money and in some cases they end up with people getting hurt. To most people, the idea of staging an accident would be appalling. However, it happens. And in the current financial climate, instances of this kind of car insurance scam are on the rise.

Innocent parties can find themselves claiming on their car insurance or, and in some cases they even get injured. The fraudsters then start their own personal injury claims against the unwitting victim.

Churchill is working with other UK insurers, and the government, to stamp out this kind of activity. But we also want you to be aware too, so you can try and stop yourself from becoming a victim of this illegal activity.

How do they do it?

Imagine you’re approaching a roundabout when the vehicle in front brakes suddenly, without warning. Unprepared, you are unable to stop in time and collide with the stationary vehicle. Often the other car will be carrying passengers who will all be able to make personal injury claims, but claims could also be made on behalf of phantom passengers who weren’t even involved in the accident.

What can you do?

It’s practically impossible to avoid such situations, so we’ve collated a set of guidelines for you to follow, should you find yourself involved in a road accident that you find suspicious:

  • As always, in the event of an accident calmly exchange details with the other driver and call the emergency services if anyone has been injured.

  • Try and retrace the circumstances of the accident. Did anything seem suspicious? Were there passengers in the car in front who turned to look at you before braking?

  • Make a note of all details, including descriptions of the driver and passengers, their ages, gender, clothing and any other detail that stands out.

  • Ask the driver of the other car to make similar notes of what happened.

If you find yourself in this sort of situation and your suspicions are aroused, please don't take any sort of independent action. Call us to report the accident and we can investigate on your behalf and liaise with the Police if necessary. 

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