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How to renew your car insurance

Updated on: 2 March 2021

Renew motor insurance

Have you ever had that horrible sinking feeling when you suddenly remember that your car insurance runs out today? Or was it yesterday? Or is it tomorrow? You know you received a letter, but it just got put on the ‘things to do’ pile.

It’s scary to think that you could be driving your car without insurance, and face a fine simply because you have a busy life.

If this sounds like you, then you should consider switching over to auto insurance renewal. It’s the easy way to make sure you’re always covered.

However, if you’re organised then maybe manual motor insurance is the way forward. Here are both options in a bit more detail…

Manual motor insurance renewal

We'll write to you 21 days before your motor insurance renewal date, with details of your premium for the coming year. This is your renewal invitation.

Unlike automatic renewal, you must contact us, otherwise your cover will end on the renewal date, and you will not be insured.

If you want to make sure you remain covered, contact us and switch to automatic renewal.

Automatic motor insurance renewal

With auto insurance renewal, you’ll still receive a letter from us at least 21 days before your renewal date, telling you how much your next year’s premium will be. But the difference is, as long as you’re happy with the price and none of your details have changed, you won’t need to do a thing. No need to remember to phone, your policy will automatically renew.

For most of the year, your motor insurance is probably the last thing on your mind – and so it should be. That’s why we like to make it easy for you when it comes to renewal.

If you need to give us a call about your renewal, get in touch.

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