A happy, healthy car needs a bit more than a weekly visit to the petrol station and a monthly wash and polish. But armed with our tips on running a car you’ll be able to carry out basic and preventative maintenance yourself, saving you money at the garage.

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These simple measures will help keep your car and its contents safe. Follow these guidelines and you’ll reduce your chances of becoming a victim of car crime.

  • Your car should be securely locked, all windows closed, and the alarm activated from the moment you leave it unattended, however briefly.
  • When you are driving keep the doors locked and hide anything of value, to prevent opportunist thieves taking advantage at traffic jams or red lights.
  • Once parked keep those valuables out of sight, better still, keep them with you instead of in the car.
  • If a thief attempts to steal your car while you’re in it, use the horn and car lights to attract attention. If you fear for your safety, relinquish your keys and car and call the police immediately.
  • An alarm will deter thieves and it can mean cheaper insurance, so you do need one on your car. If you haven’t got an alarm fitted, look for an approved security company and installer in your area.
  • Try and park your car in a well-lit road and if possible within view of CCTV cameras.
  • Thieves love car stereos and sat navs. If you have one, choose a model you can remove each time you park your car.
  • Don’t attract opportunist thieves by displaying your keys in view. Avoid leaving keys near the letterbox or on a shelf in the hall where a rod and hook could fish them out.