Driving information for older drivers

Older drivers can often be more cautious and considerate when they are driving – they typically have many years of experience. But they may also need to take more care on the road, as your vision, hearing and responses can be affected by age. By following these tips, as an older driver you can stay at the top of your driving game, whilst playing it safe behind the wheel.

Looking after older drivers

At Churchill car insurance, we are happy to offer insurance quotes to drivers who are aged between 17 and 80 years of age. All drivers with our comprehensive car insurance policy can enjoy the following cover as standard:

  • 24-hour accident recovery
  • Repairs guaranteed for five years when you use an approved repairer
  • Up to 65% No Claim Discount which, if it is over four years, you can choose to protect
  • A 24- hour claim line
  • Personal Accident Cover for the policyholder and their spouse or partner
  • Medical expenses following an accident
  • Cover for personal belongings in the car

In addition, there are many optional extras that will benefit the older driver who needs assistance in the event of an accident.

10 tips for safe driving

  1. Have regular vision and hearing examinations – from the age of 70, drivers are required to submit a medical form to the DVLA every 3 years, declaring medical conditions.
  2. Use medication correctly, and know how it could affect your driving.
  3. Look out for vehicles entering the road, pedestrians, cyclists and parked cars.
  4. Check your rear-view mirror and outside mirrors frequently.
  5. Maintain your three-second stopping distance.
  6. When driving in the rain or in winter, reduce speed and increase following distance.
  7. Avoid driving at dusk or dawn when visibility is difficult.
  8. Avoid driving for long periods of time.
  9. Minimise background noise: keep radio, air conditioning and heaters low or off.
  10. Never drive after drinking.