Taxing your vehicle

Did you know that you can now tax your vehicle online or by phone if you are the registered keeper and your name, address and any changes you have made to your vehicle have been updated on DVLA records.

Go to to access the step by step process. Alternatively, call the DVLA on 0300 123 4321 to renew your car tax by phone. An electronic check will be made to confirm that you have the necessary insurance, vehicle test (MOT) and entitlement to disability exemption (if appropriate). A tax disc and receipt for payment will be sent to you through the post within five working days.

To tax your vehicle all you will need:

the 16 digit reference number printed in the yellow box on the front of your renewal reminder (Vehicle Licence Application/SORN Declaration form V11)


the 11 digit reference number found on the front of your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)


Your vehicle registration number

Also did you know…

The insurance details are held on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) run by the Motor Insurers Information Centre (MIIC). If the DVLA advises that your car insurance details are not on the MID, providing the vehicle is owned, registered or insured by you and is regularly driven by you, you can verify this by going to for an up to date check.