TV and computer insurance

Many of these items can be expensive on their own – a computer, TV or state-of-the-art hi-fi system can easily cost over £1,000 each. Plus when you add all these items up together, the total signifies a huge investment. Equipment such as your computer could also be vital to your work and replacements needed quickly if damaged, stolen or lost. Plus you may need extra cover at Christmas or around weddings when hi-tech gadgets are often bought or given as gifts.

So how can Churchill help?

Our home insurance includes up to £50,000 of contents cover in case of damage by fire, theft, storm or flood, subsidence, vandalism or malicious damage, and escape of water. It also provides cover for contents such as TVs or computers that are lost or damaged while moving home if they are packed and moved by professional removal contractors.

What kind of home entertainment equipment do we cover?

Your TV, computer or other home entertainment gadgets may fall into one of these categories. You can find details on our online policy documents:

Home entertainment equipment
Includes all computer equipment (including games and laptops), TVs, DVD and video players and recorders, games consoles and audio equipment in your home.
Business equipment
Includes computers, keyboards, visual display units and printers, word-processing equipment, desktop publishing units, multi-user small business computers, fax machines, photocopiers and telecommunications equipment

What is accidental damage to home entertainment equipment?

If your TV falls and breaks or your child pours a drink over your computer keyboard, it counts as accidental damage. This cover is available as an optional extra.

Can you cover me for entertainment equipment outside of the home?

As long as it has been packed and moved by professional removal contractors we can cover items such as computers and TVs when you are moving home (up to £50,000). We can also cover these items when they are temporarily taken outside of the home to another home (up to £5,000) – when your child goes to university for example, however you will not be covered for accidental damage. Plus you could include Personal Possessions cover. This includes loss or damage for items that you might travel with such as MP3 players, cameras and laptops. Personal Possessions cover is valid anywhere in the UK and for up to 60 days elsewhere in the world. You will need to specify items over £2,000 – you can do this online up to £5,000 per item or £20,000 in total.

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